Decolonization and the French of Algeria: Bringing the by Sung-Eun Choi

By Sung-Eun Choi

In 1962, nearly a million humans have been evacuated from Algeria. France referred to as those electorate Repatriates to conceal their French Algerian origins and to combine them into society. This e-book is set Repatriation and the way it grew to become primary to France's postcolonial figuring out of decolonization, the Algerian previous, and French id.

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One prominent group, the Union française nord africaine or UFNA, collected 10,000 adherents under the leadership of Boyer Banse. In Oran, the Volonté algérienne, touting a similar type of vigilante populism pulled in some 3,000 members. The Amicale française de l’Algérie in Bône was weaker but still had 1,000 members. The Comité d’entente des anciens combattants d’Algérie et du Sahara was also formed in Algeria in 1955, attracting pied-noir veterans and reserves from the two World Wars. Student groups joined faculty members to form the Mouvement universitaire pour le maintien de la souveraineté française en Algérie (MUPMSFA).

The Europeans in Algeria were in uproar over Mollet’s decision to name Georges 40 Decolonization and the French of Algeria Catroux, a less enthusiastic advocate of Algérie française, as Minister Resident in Algeria. 34 The incident resulted in the replacement nomination of Robert Lacoste who was well known for his sympathies with the French in Algeria. Another factor in turning Metropolitan opinion against the Algerian War, and one closer to home, was the precipitous increase in the military deployment of Metropolitans.

The armies of Holland and Belgium are teeming with Jews. Poland roused an entire regiment whose bravery was remarkable. 43 Altaras and Cohen then described the benefits to be gained in assimilating Jews in Algeria. 44 For the two Metropolitans, the degree of Jewish assimilation in Algeria could already be measured by the willingness of Jews to distance themselves from the Muslim population; Algerian Jews were also first and foremost Jews, and should not be compelled to abandon their religious identity.

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