Death God's Citadel by Juanita Coulson

By Juanita Coulson

Ballantine Del Rey, paperback unique novel. considered one of printings (1980, 1984). This fable novel is a stand-alone sequel to "The internet of Wizardry" (1978). jointly those books are the "Krantin" novels.

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As Tyrus and Erejzan retraced their steps through the descending halls to the kitchens, Ceshti and her subordinates praised their performance—more compliments they gave back with thanks. Tyrus suspected the steward had hoped they would be confused by the twisting passageways and get into trouble or lost. But he and Erejzan were no strangers to palaces and bastions. They moved unerringly out through the corridors and courtyards, aware of scrutiny from bodyguards and sentinels along the way. At the gates, the sentinels gave them a cursory inspection.

He glanced pleadingly at Sirai Aubage, but the courtier was busy whispering to LaSirin Ilissa, ignoring his toady. Abandoned by his sponsor, the steward withdrew with poor grace, slinking toward the ready room. "Sirai and LaSirai," Jathelle said, and those who had continued to talk during the steward's speech now fell quiet and attended the queen most respectfully. "I present a special delight to you: Tyrus and Erejzan, from Qamat, a realm beyond the Arniob isles. They perform marvels. " "I am sure we will, LaRenya," Aubage put in.

He reached out, and Erejzan clasped his hands. The brief disagreement had never been, and the bond between them was as firm as always. Erejzan said huskily, "You were right. It was worth all to try to warn the innocent sisters. " Jathelle was in Tyrus' mind's eye. " "Not bold. She is gentle natured, a goddess-faced being who needs sheltering from the world's rough ways," Erejzan corrected him. Tyrus knew Erejzan could read his expression, as he could read the surge of Erejzan's feelings, a tangible emanation requiring little arcane art to touch.

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