Database-Assisted Design for Wind: Concepts, Software, and by DongHun Yeo

By DongHun Yeo

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This process requires (1) the aerodynamic database of pressure time-histories under wind in each direction obtained from wind tunnel testing or CFD procedures, and (2) relevant influence coefficients that can be obtained from any commercial or in-house FEA programs. , demand-to-capacity index for strength design, inter-story drift, and acceleration) for a sufficient number of wind speeds. They are named and saved in the locations specified at the top of the ‘Wind Effects’ page. m” calculates, for specified MRIs, peak directional wind effects of the building at a given geographical location.

ASCE (2005). Minimum design loads for buildings and other structures, American Society of Civil Engineers, Reston, VA. Batts, M. , Russell, L. , and Simiu, E. (1980). " Journal of the Structural Division-ASCE, 106(10), 2001-2016. Coffman, B. , Main, J. , and Simiu, E. (2010). "Wind effects on low-rise buildings:Databased-Assisted Design vs. " Journal of Structural Engineering (accepted). , and Zasso, A. " 5th European & African Conference on Wind Engineering, Florence, Italy, 53-56. Fritz, W. , Ho, T.

The tension and compression reinforcement are defined as reinforcement closest to the tension face and the compression face, respectively. The reinforcement can consist of more than one layer. Note 2: For member types with fewer identifiers the value beyond their identifier number is defined as zero. Note 3: Only a single layer of tension reinforcement is taken into account in this program. When double layers of tension reinforcement are used, the area must be calculated as for a single layer. ● Area of compression reinforcement (As2): The variable is a matrix for area of compression reinforcement.

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