Creatures from Beyond by Terry Carr

By Terry Carr

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It was one of the first in existence, and if it could not stop the reptile, nothing could. Still the Beast came on. Its vitality was going fast, but there would still be time. Time to convey its message to the men in the Capitol, the men who would understand. From doomed Washington arose a cry, from ten thousand panic-strained throats. In the streets men and women fought and struggled and fled from the oncoming monster that towered against the sky, colossal and horrible. On the tower soldiers worked at the projector, connecting, tightening, barking sharp orders.

Strangely, it recognized the Capitol. Yet it was, perhaps, natural, for the Beast had learned English, and had listened to Kirdi's televisor for months. Descriptions of Washington had been broadcast, and the Beast knew that this was the center of government in America. Here, if anywhere on Earth, there would be men who understood. Here were the rulers, the wise men. And despite its wounds, the Beast felt a thrill of exultation as it sped on. The planes dived thunderously. The aerial torpedoes screamed down.

Oh, my goodness! Mom! " She sounded deliriously happy. But she hung up. Freddie swallowed and dialed again. "Boy, am I glad it's you," Alyson said. "Listen, you've got to come right over—it's been one incredible thing after another ever since you left last night. " "Hold it, hold it," Freddie said. " When he got there, Alyson was lying stomach down on the lawn, chewing a blade of grass. She looked only slightly more calm than she sounded. "Freddie," she said almost tragically. " "No, seriously—I mean about the saucers last night.

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