Conservative Parties and Right-Wing Politics in North by Rainer-Olaf Schultze, Roland Sturm, Dagmar Eberle

By Rainer-Olaf Schultze, Roland Sturm, Dagmar Eberle

The 13 papers assembled during this quantity supply a comparative viewpoint at the nation of conservative and right-wing populist events within the North American democraties. They care for: Ideological and price switch within the North American Mass Publics, Conservative Ideology and celebration Programmes, The altering Landskape of the 2 social gathering platforms, the general public guidelines of Conservative and Neo-Liberal Governments in North America

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Two-country cross-time comparisons present at least two conceptual and methodological challenges that need to be addressed at the outset. First, two-case comparisons almost inevitably draw attention to differences rather than similarities. That said, attempts to provide a broad interpretation of the findings have to acknowledge that more global systematic analyses of these kinds of data nearly always indicate that the values of Canadian and American publics are relatively similar (In- The Changing Ideological Landscape in North America 33 glehart 1997; Nevitte 1996).

Which of these four statements I:l comes closest to your opinion: I) The owners should run their business or appoint managers, 2) The owners and the employees should participate in the selection of managers, 3) The govemmentshould be the owner and appoint managers, or 4) The employees should own the business and should elect the managers? Moral Dimension: 'Please tell me for the following statements whether you think it can always be justified, never be justified, or something in between'. The scale is made-up of answers for the following items: I) homosexuality, 2) abortion, 3) divorce, 4) prostitution, 5) euthanasia, and 6) suicide.

That trend is common to both publics. Canadian and American left-right cleavages are also structured around a common moral dimension. But in this respect the shifts over the last 20 years have been far more striking. In 1981, moral outlooks were significant predictors of left and right-wing identifications in the United States only. But over the last 20 years, this moral dimension has evolved to become a significant predictor of left and right-wing identifications among Canadians as well. Indeed, by 2000, the moral dimension became more powerful than the economic dimension in structuring left-right orientations among publics in the two countries.

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