Cochlear Implants-An Update by T. Kubo, Y. Takahashi, T. Iwaki

By T. Kubo, Y. Takahashi, T. Iwaki

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Auditive sensations? Which cortical regions are activated and at what frequencies? Is there any evidence of tonotopy? Methods Electrical ear canal stimulation ECS was performed in 14 ears of nine profoundly deaf subjects (five female, four male) aged from 44-75 years. Pure-tone threshold and speech audiometry revealed residual hearing in 11 ears and deafness in three. Ear microscopy, tympanometry, and stapedius reflexes were normal. Otoacoustic emissions were negative, indicating a cochlear hearing loss.

Blood flow in the bony wall or in the perilymphatic lateral membrane adjacent to the drilled part may be disturbed by the mechanical or thermal effect of the drilling. Accordingly, clear discrimination of the laser Doppler output between the middle ear and the inner ear was difficult. However, we consider that the laser Doppler output measured when the tip of the probe was inserted into the perilymphatic space reflected the blood flow in the inner ear most accurately. When the tip of the probe was located inside the transparent perilymph, the laser Doppler output was considered to reflect blood flow in the area illuminated.

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