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All of these objects can be created any time before they participate in a role hierarchy. addRole(Role aNewRole) method. resign() method of that role, so that it does not participate in this role hierarchy. A sample code fragment featuring these operations is given in Figure 3. resign(); //Tom is now retired Fig. 3. 2 Aggregate Roles Sometimes it is necessary for a real world entity to be able to play the same kind of role in different contexts. For example, a person can be the leader of various projects.

The second, that we have called PTA (Personal Travel Assistant), are agents which are transitory because they represent an MPTA: they are created the first time a user connects to the server and erased at the end of his session. The first time the user connects, his profile and preferences are uploaded from his MPTA to the corresponding newly created PTA. The users’ preferences are entered via a standard interface where he is asked to determine the categories of services that interest him (warning announcement, alternative) (figure 3).

The results of our benchmarks are given in Table 2. 0_03. There is a slight difference in creating role hierarchies between JAWIRO and Schrefl’s model [14]. addRole(Role) call. These two calls represent the first and the second stages given in Table 2. On the other hand, role objects must be bound with an owner during instantiation when using Schrefl’s model. This represents the third stage given in Table 2. For easier comparison, the third stage for JAWIRO is calculated by adding the execution times of stages 1 and 2 in Table 2.

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