Burned by Thomas Enger

By Thomas Enger

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Yes. Or reorganise. ’ Henning looks around. ’ ‘Buggered if I know, lazy sods. Oh yes, Heidi is here. Heidi Kjus. She’s around somewhere. ’ Henning feels his chest tighten. Heidi Kjus. Heidi was one of the first temps from the Oslo School of Journalism he hired a million years ago. Newly qualified journalists are usually so bursting with theory that they have forgotten what really makes a good reporter: charming manners and common sense. If you’re curious by nature and don’t allow yourself to be fobbed off with the first thing people tell you, you’ll go far.

Heidi suppresses the urge to laugh out loud. She controls herself as if she has just realised that she is talking to a child. ’ ‘He delivered big stories for them and he has continued to do that here. ’ ‘I see. ’ Heidi looks at him as if he has sworn in church. ‘Eh, that’s not my area, but –’ Henning nods and pretends to listen to the arguments which follow. He has heard them before. Loyalty. A concept that has worn thin in journalism. If he were being charitable, he might be able to name two reporters he would describe as loyal.

All right, sounds good. I could try contacting the man who found the victim, but I’ve heard that he doesn’t want to talk to the press. So –’ Gundersen shrugs. Henning nods, he sees that Gundersen is still uncomfortable, that there is something he feels the urge to say. He inhales, but Henning beats him to it. ‘Great,’ he says and leaves. He walks as fast as his damaged legs can carry him, straight past Nora, without looking at her. Well done, Henning, he tells himself. You had the shit kicked out of you in round one, but you got back on your feet and you won round two.

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