Bukharan Tajik by Shinji Ido

By Shinji Ido

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3sa this much diplom-i shmo kati-yam. diploma-IZ you Hamun baro'y for that very There won't be promotion even with so many diplomas of yours. with-also chi zaochniy daroy-et what extramural 114 enter-2SG inja. ] For this reason, go into, urn, extramural education here. G Zaochniy me-xon-am holi-yam. extramural IMP-read-! sa still-also I'm studying extramurally even now. J Study extramurally. Zaochniy xon-et. extramural read-2SG G Inkas chi me-go'n. e. F] says. 3SG-that that this Angliyski-ya na-me-don-ed-a unqatar.

Xud-ash chan ro'z kor rne-kun-ed. INTJ self-3SG how much day work IMP-do-2SG Hash ro'z. Hey, how many days will you work? Eight days. eight day Hamun-am to'g'ri that very-also right82 J kor work na-me-lam-ed holi. EG-IMP-do-2SG now Chi baro'y? ] That's true - you still do not work properly. Why? what for G To'y wedding J fbi kati. badas INTJ after G Badas after J Vaqt-i Because of the wedding. ] Oh after the wedding [I'll work]. to:v. wedding to 'y holi. wedding now paxta timc-IZ cotton kor na-me-lam-eton-da work NEG-IMP-do-2PL-SFP After the wedding; now demak.

3sa eleventh Qimmat yazdahum sinf-ba uje. class-LOC already guft-em. ] We said it's expensive. expensive 122 said- I PL Formula-i tangens mangens. fonnula-IZ tangent and suchlike E. man bad me-bin-am INTJ bad Jnqachar nag'z this much good G Chiba-dir da why-COP Ill J It already becomes difficult in year eleven. The formulae of tangent and stuff. matematika-ya. IMP-see 123 -lsa mathematics-Ace na-me-bin-am. Ah, I dislike mathematics. I don't like it that much. :in nag'z na-xondagi-da. PTPL-SFP vay.

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