Building a Cisco Wireless LAN by Syngress

By Syngress

This e-book is superb, yet little outdated. Cisco has published many new in addition to software program instant know-how. i like to recommend "Managing and Securing a Cisco® established Wireless-Aware community" that is the up to date model.

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Building a Cisco Wireless LAN

This ebook is excellent, yet little old-fashioned. Cisco has published many new in addition to software program instant know-how. i like to recommend "Managing and Securing a Cisco® dependent Wireless-Aware community" that is the up-to-date model.

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Content material: bankruptcy 1 Why Use Uml to version community Protocols? (pages 1–29): bankruptcy 2 uncomplicated Transmission (pages 31–73): bankruptcy three basic Chat software (pages 75–131): bankruptcy four Non? trustworthy Transmission Mediums (pages 133–179): bankruptcy five easy shipping Protocol (pages 181–239):

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SMTP relies on TCP at the Transport layer to establish a reliable connection to a remote system. We cover TCP in more depth later in the chapter. Understanding TCP/IP Addressing As with any Network layer protocol, addressing is a key component;TCP/IP is no different. The decimal numbers represent binary numbers, 0’s and 1’s, in a format that is much easier for humans to comprehend and remember. 11101010. Which number would you rather remember? The network number may be a valid Internet assigned network or may be part of a private TCP/IP addressing scheme.

4 Mesh Topology Client PC Client PC Network Printer File Server CSMA/CD versus Deterministic Access In LANs, there are two predominant methods of controlling access to the physical medium: Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (CMSA/CD) and deterministic access. CSMA/CD is the access method for Ethernet. CSMA/CD is best described as the same set of rules you would follow in a meeting. qxd 4/16/02 9:46 AM Page 7 Introduction to Wireless Local Area Networks • Chapter 1 you want to speak, you need to listen to see if anyone is else is speaking before you begin.

WEP The WEP field is 1 bit long and is set to 1 if the frame body contains data that has been processed by the WEP algorithm. Frames that have not been processed by WEP have a WEP field value of 0. ■ Order The Order field is 1 bit long and is set to 1 in any data frame that contains data using the StrictlyOrdered service class. All other frames have a value of 0 in the Order field. 11 standard that provides additional protection against out of order frames. This is accomplished by holding any multicast or broadcast traffic that matches addresses for frames that are already queued.

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