Brill's Companion to Callimachus by Benjamin Acosta-Hughes, Luigi Lehnus, Susan Stephens

By Benjamin Acosta-Hughes, Luigi Lehnus, Susan Stephens

Few figures from Greco-Roman antiquity have gone through as a lot reassessment in contemporary a long time as Callimachus of Cyrene, who was once energetic on the Alexandrian court docket of the Ptolemies throughout the early 3rd century BC. as soon as perceived as a very best instance of ivory tower detachment and abstruse studying, Callimachus has now grow to be understood as an artificer of the photographs of a strong and colourful court docket and as a poet moment simply to Homer in his later reception.For the fashionable viewers, the fragmentation of his texts and the diffusion of resource fabrics has frequently impeded realizing his poetic success. Brills significant other to Callimachus has been designed to assist in negotiating this scholarly terrain, particularly the method of modifying and accumulating his fragments, to light up his highbrow and social contexts, and to point the present instructions that his scholarship is taking.

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Inv. 2168 (together with PBerol inv. 11629 and PSI 133); and POxy 18. 2172. ]), see SSH 948–949 (but cf. also Meliadò 2004); for PMich inv. ), LloydJones 1974 and SH 992. 28 luigi lehnus Pfeiffer’s first collection of post-Schneider material appeared in Bonn as an issue of the Kleine Texte series. 1011 containing Acontius and Cydippe (fr. ), the Epilogue to the Aetia (fr. 1362 (Icos, frr. 17 Rudolf Pfeiffer was to work on the fragments of Callimachus for the next three decades, through vicissitudes both general and personal—he was forced to leave Hitler’s Germany because his wife was Jewish, and found a refuge in Oxford—achieving with his two-volume epochmaking edition (1949–53) an extremely reliable text of the fragments, the Hymns, and the Epigrams, and what immediately proved to be and definitely will remain a major milestone in the history of the rediscovery of Callimachus.

When they consulted the Delphic Oracle, they were told that neither of them should be considered the founder. Therefore, since that time, the magistrates at Zancle invite the patron to the ritual feast without naming him, and they tell him that he may be accompanied by other heroes also. 2. 84–133 (= fr. 1). This section explains why the Boeotian city Haliartus celebrates the Cretan festival of the Theodaisia and why incense (στυρόν) grows only round about Haliartus and in Crete. We have the transition from the previous aition with another question from “Callimachus” (beginning at line 84; the text is very broken after line 92, it is not clear where this question ends).

2529: Hecale 53. 6 Hollis, 230 MP3, 510 LDAB [Lobel] (cod. 2377: Hecale 54. 1216 and POxy. 2171 are pieces of the same roll: the fragments are contiguous. The fragment of the Branchus in POxy. 2172 is in the same hand, and may come from the same ‘set’ of Callimachus, but need not belong to the same roll” (Kerkhecker 1999: 274; cf. 116 n. ). 31 I am obliged to Dr. Daniela Colomo for showing me this papyrus in advance. See now Colomo 2009. 32 Cf. Hollis 2009: 141–142. 34 luigi lehnus 55. [to be published by N.

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