Blood Heat (The New Doctor Who Adventures) by Jim Mortimore

By Jim Mortimore

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The voice was exactly as she thought the Doctor would remember it. A deep, rather fruity baritone, with a touch of upperclassmanship about it. The Brigadier replaced the sheets of paper in the buff folder and stood, crossing to a small but heavy safe in one corner of the room. He nodded politely, but distantly, to the Doctor. He replaced the file in the safe and withdrew an oblong package. He placed the package on the desk and unwrapped it. Revealed was a small book with a plain grey cover. The book was damaged.

The little boy’s eyes opened in wonder. ’ He put Tommy back onto the ground as the boy made a playful grab for his beard. ’ ‘Applied maths. It was neat. ’ ‘You mean an equation. ’ ‘Okay. ’ Tommy raced off along the rocky passage. ’ questioned the Doctor. Alan watched him go. ‘He’s eight years old. Weapons training starts when they’re ten. They need background for that. Ballistics. You know. The maths is couched in terms the kids can understand, of course, but nonetheless –’ He broke off, aware that the Doctor had turned away.

To Ace these areas had the look of surreal gardens, with hedge ornaments shaped like cars and trucks and the occasional toppled motorcycle: the planet’s way of celebrating life, even amongst death on such a monumental scale. Jan noticed Ace’s blank gaze and misinterpreted it. ’ Ace blinked. ‘Yeah. No problem. ’ She shrugged off Jan’s concern. ‘I’m starving,’ she added and the older woman turned away, frowning. Alan Tomson caught her eye as she said this, and his lips twitched in a half smile. Ace smiled right back.

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