Blood, Bugs, and Plants by R E Gaensslen

By R E Gaensslen

''Blood, insects, and Plants'' explores a number of center organic components that experience motivated smooth forensic technological know-how. Entomology ('bugs') is a forte that makes use of wisdom approximately insect existence cycles to notify demise investigations. Botany ('plants') is a uniqueness that appears at plant fabrics as proof in circumstances. Occupying the biggest a part of this ebook, the 'blood' part covers the identity of blood and physique fluids (determining their beginning as human or animal), DNA typing, and blood-spatter patterns.Each bankruptcy during this new booklet presents an outline that in brief introduces readers to simple techniques in forensic technological know-how, permitting them to know how this organic technological know-how sheds gentle on matters in criminal instances.

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It is because a person’s blood has both an antigen and the opposite antibody that ABO typing is so important in transfusions. Not long after Landsteiner’s discovery forensic scientists began to think about blood types as a way of partly individualizing bloodstains in cases. The undisputed pioneer in this work was Leone Lattes (1887– 1954), a forensic doctor and blood expert in Turin, Italy. He was a professor at the Institute of Forensic Medicine there. Lattes developed a method for detecting the ABO antibodies in blood (see sidebar “Dr.

These tests are important because some men have no sperm cells in their semen, either for various medical reasons or because they have undergone a medical procedure called a vasectomy. The forensic tests for seminal fluid can be used to identify semen even when there are no sperm cells to be found. Vaginal secretions are usually not “identified,” but they are present in vaginal swabs taken as evidence from sexual assault complainants and in History and Pioneers 21 drainage stains on underwear. Under the microscope these stains show large numbers of nucleated epithelial cells.

They could be from the assault victim, because all the system types match. But that does not mean the stains came from her to the exclusion of all other people; this kind of blood analysis is not powerful enough to individualize. So, what can be said or concluded by the analyst? History and Pioneers 39 Here is where population genetics comes into this picture. Population genetics is a big subject, but briefly, scientists can find out how often each different type in each of the systems is seen by typing people in the population for all the genetic systems.

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