Blind Melon: Authentic Guitar TAB by Hemme Luttjeboer and Danny Bergelman (arrangers)

By Hemme Luttjeboer and Danny Bergelman (arrangers)

Soak the Sin * Tones of domestic * i'm wondering * Paper Scratcher * expensive Ol' Dad * swap * No Rain * Holyman * Seed to a Tree * force.

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Pai Letring- ------r C(addD) Now, va see- I'm watch-in' ev -'ry-thing I do an, thev,re v Let ring- - - 41 To Coda$ C(addD) C(addD) sav- so me_ they will Whoa,- leave be. M. "-----You leave me won - der-ing,_ With slight distortion *Guitars 2 & 3 *Arranged for one gtr. 43 Doubletime)=04 Guitar solo: A Guitar 4 Guitars 2 & 3 With slight distortion l|ith vocal ad lib /r//r,^,,@ 44 ,@ f,et ring- Simple timeJ Guitar 4 tacet D -= 82 C(addD) G 45 C(addD) ffie,- watch-in'me, watch-in' me,_ Mm,- yeah.

All Rights ReservEd win have- 62 With distortion To Codal Like a ham-merthat hasmade a dent- in sin - gle you spent. Letring- -----) 63 Chorus 64 Yeah. - With flanger Let ring- Rhythm Figure tChords implied by I bass gtr. S.

I didn't mean to feel this way when I walked into the door, Lord. Then thev ripped away my memories And I can't remember who I was before. M. throughout With distortion *runing: @ s, @ s, @ s, O c$, @ s, O E E7 Guitar 2** (Right channel) **Standard tuning. t 77777 @ 1992, 1994 EMI APRIL MUSIC lNC. ond HEAVY METON MUSIC AJI righs controlled ond odministred h/ EMI APRII MUSIC lFlC. AX Rishb Reserrid 50 1. 2. ---t\ >v for ev'- ry liv - ing day I $ve 51 can be- I'11 scratch a hole in mv life I got all you so ev -'ry - one nor - mals look - in' at me.

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