Beautiful Red by M. Darusha Wehm

By M. Darusha Wehm

The long run is dull. expertise has solved the world's such a lot urgent difficulties, leaving individuals with tedious paintings and mundane play. Jack is a safety Officer type five, which sounds vital, yet isn't really. although, her banal lifestyles as a cubicle employee via day and tinkerer through evening is interrupted while she discovers that her employer's desktop method has been invaded. Jack enlists assistance from her merely associates - her co-worker, Gilles and Adrian, a web pal she's by no means met - to aid her tune down the resource of the invasion. Her research leads her to a shadowy team known as the crimson, the place Jack learns that now not every body lives a lifetime of quiet servitude. even if she believes that the crimson are liable for a sequence of grotesque assaults, Jack starts to develop into drawn to their worldview. In her look for the folk accountable for the assaults, she confronts the leaders of the gang in addition to her personal burgeoning feel of self-awareness.

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Jack wondered what types of shenanigans Gilles got up to with this toolbox. Š "I'm in," she said as she crawled into the duct, pulling the remains of the grate behind her to cover her tracks. Š Jack was seeing the graphical representation of herself cracking Buyside's system while simultaneously paging through a spec document she'd unearthed some time ago detailing the creation of a standard corporate system. Š If she were lucky, and the original Buyside designers were typical, there should be a grating to her left in about a metre, which should open into a cache that was on the other side of the authentication barrier.

Course. Š What's your handle? >aces04 >>aces04? >I play cards. Š You'll know me as jackalantrn. Š Later, dude. Š "jackalantrn to aces04, secure," she said into the mouthpiece and almost immediately heard Gilles' voice as if he were in the room with her. " ŠŠ Š"I'm going to break in to Buyside's system and find out who or what was connecting to our Eastern system," she said matter of factly. Š It would never be a perfect representation - extra rooms would have to be created or corridors filled in, but it beat WIMP or even a command line by a country mile.

She saw herself handing them to a representation of the woman in her immediate focus, while the actual vendor shivered slightly as the upload took place, Jack's system wirelessly transferring the funds to the seller's account. Š They obviously didn't want people crediting themselves with extra funds, but they also weren't very keen on people modifying their user interfaces either. Š Jack couldn't wait to try them out. Š They were tough on crime, so most people were perfectly happy with this arrangement.

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