BATMAN WIDENING GYRE #4 Of 6 by Kevin Smith, Walter Flanaga; Art Thibert

By Kevin Smith, Walter Flanaga; Art Thibert

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Cardinal Zuccarelli nodded his thin head in agreement. “Unfortunately,” he said, “the speculations engaged in by the papers are as solid as our own. We have no more facts than they. As many valuables were left behind, I don’t think it is a case of, as the Theodosian Code says, nemo martyrem mercetur, selling them, but more of some variety of sinister plot. ” “I personally would not be surprised if it was the work of the Jews,” Bishop Vivan ejaculated with a sneer. “It might as easily be Muslim radicals,” the cardinal said, stroking the white mouse which sat perched in his pocket with one finger.

The last four years he studied Holy Scripture, rhetoric, English and French, apologetics, dogmatic, moral, and pastoral theology, liturgy, Gregorian chant, canon law and bookkeeping. His means equated perfectly with his aims. The fathers considered him very devout, though somewhat proud. He fasted often, kept four Lents a year, scrupulously fulfilled his duties and, when talking, did so to a purpose. He had been seen, on his knees before the image of Christ, for often five and six hours at a stretch, presumably in prayer.

Cardinal Zuccarelli gasped, his normally bloodless cheeks turning plum coloured. ” “I am afraid you will have to excuse him,” the bishop said, touching the other’s hand lightly. “I believe the poor fellow is overwrought over the loss of the tongue of the blessed St. Anthony. ” “Oh, he is an odd fellow, I’ll admit that,” Vivan replied with a shrug of his shoulders. ” “That may very well be,” Zuccarelli said, slipping his arm through that of the younger man and resuming the stroll forward, “but we must remember that He most appreciates the humble servant.

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