Anticancer Agents. Frontiers in Cancer Chemotherapy by Iwao Ojima, Gregory D. Vite, Karl-Heinz Altmann

By Iwao Ojima, Gregory D. Vite, Karl-Heinz Altmann

content material: melanoma drug discovery and improvement : new paradigms for a brand new millennium / E.A. Sausville ... [et al.] --
Evolutionary biosynthesis of anticancer medications / George R. Pettit --
a few contemporary advancements within the synthesis and structure-activity dating of novel taxanes / John F. Kadow ... [et al.] --
New new release taxoids and hybrids of microtubule-stabilizing anticancer brokers / Iwao Ojima ... [et al.] --
Discodermolide and taxol : a synergistic drug blend in human carcinoma phone traces / Susan Band Horwitz ... [et al.] --
hugely effective semisynthesis of biologically energetic epothilone derivatives / Gregory D. Vite ... [et al.] --
artificial and semisynthetic analogs of epothilones : chemistry and organic job / Karl-Heinz Altmann ... [et al.] --
Synthesis and organic task of epothilones / Ulrich Klar ... [et al.] --
Epothilones and sarcodictyins : from combinatorial libraries to designed analogs / Nicolas Winssinger and K.C. Nicolaou --
Synthesis and structure-activity courting reviews of cryptophycins : a unique classification of effective antimitotic antitumor depsipeptides / Chuan Shih ... [et al.] --
Farnesyltransferase inhibitors as power anticancer brokers / J.B. Gibbs ... [et al.] --
Farnesyltransferase inhibitors : from squalene synthase inhibitors to the medical agent BMS-214662 / John T. Hunt --
Inhibiting farnesyl protein transferase with Sch-66336 : possibly a selective noncytotoxic treatment for human melanoma / A.G. Taveras ... [et al.] --
Pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine and pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidine derivatives as selective inhibitors of the EGF receptor tryosine kinase / G. Caravatti ... [et al.] --
STI571 : a brand new therapy modality for CML? / Jürg Zimmermann, Pascal Furet, and Elisabeth Buchdunger --
the invention and improvement of second-generation matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors for the remedy of melanoma / Andy Baxter and John Montana --
customers for antiangiogenic remedies established upon VEGF inhibition / Pascal Furet and Paul W. Manley --
Carbohydrate-based tumor antigens as antitumor vaccine brokers / Jennifer R. Allen and Samuel J. Danishefsky --
medicines to reinforce the healing efficiency of anticancer antibodies : antibody-drug conjugates as tumor-activated prodrugs / Walter A. Blättler and Ravi V.J. Chari.

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Table 2 C-4 analogs which overcome resistance vs HCT 116(VM)46 Ο Compound? 6) 132 (3) 100(4) 183 (32) 142 (6) 144 (4) c 'Tubulin data has been previously reported (14). ^atio of I C for HCT 116(VM46)MDR resistant cell line /IC for HCT 116 sensitive cell line. Madison Murine Lung Carcinoma. Drug is given ip on days 1-5 post ip implantation. Values are %T/C analog ( maximum tolerated dose) % T/C for paclitaxel at a historically determined maximally efficacious dose. %T/C values of greater than 125 % are considered active.

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