Animorphs Megamorphs #01: The Andalite's Gift (The first by K.A. Applegate

By K.A. Applegate

Wishing they can take a couple of days off from struggling with the alien Yeerks, the Animorphs face one other tricky problem whilst Rachel loses her reminiscence in an coincidence and the remainder of the partners are trapped by means of a harmful dirt cloud. Original."

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I ... um .. " I had an idea. Maybe it was stupid. Maybe it was even a little cruel. I bent down and picked up a chunk of pine bark from the floor. I held it out to the woman. " She took it. She looked at it in confusion. Then she looked up at me. There was something lost and desperate in her eyes. " she asked. "It's your store," I said. She forced a shaky smile. " "I will," I said. I began digging through the nearest pile of clothing. Shoes were stuck here and there. I dug each one out, one by one, and set them in a pile on the floor.

Chapman! If this dust creature was linked to the Yeerks, he would know. Chapman was our assistant principal at school. He was also one of the highest-ranking Controllers. The slug who lived inside his brain was an important Yeerk. Chapman would know. Following him had to be more useful than just wandering around the mall. But how? Morphing in a crowded mall would be dangerous. So what? I reproached myself. So don't do something stupid just to prove you aren't scared, I argued with myself. While I was debating with myself, I fell into step a few yards behind Chapman.

Maybe I was as insane as the woman who had burned down her shack to kill me for being a Yeerk. Was that it? Was I a Yeerk? What was a Yeerk? Suddenly, I heard a wild rush of wind. Not from the burning, crumbling cabin - from above. Up in the air. I looked up, but my human eyes were changing to bear eyes and I couldn't see very well. I only saw a large shadow hovering above me. A flash of swift movement! It was attacking! The last of my human body was gone. And now I felt the full force of the grizzly bear's own mind.

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