Ancient Greece and Rome : An Encyclopedia for Students by Carroll Moulton

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For the threshing*, the stalks were placed on a stone or tile floor and then trampled by a team of mules or oxen. The harvested grain was stored for later use. During the early years in ancient Greece, simple farming methods provided enough food to meet the needs of individual families, as well as the inhabitants of neighboring villages. However, the growth of towns AGRICULTURE, ROMAN gradually created a greater demand for food. Greek farmers adopted crop rotation, which involves raising a series of different crops to keep the land in use without wearing out the soil.

A man of tremendous talent and single-minded determination, he established a mighty empire and spread Greek culture throughout the ancient world. His conquests included the PERSIAN EMPIRE as well as lands in central Asia and India. A EARLY YEARS. The son of King PHILIP II of MACEDONIA and his strong-willed wife Olympias, Alexander showed great promise from an early age. His parents encouraged him to believe that he could accomplish anything he desired. They also arranged for Alexander to study with the best tutors of the time, including the Greek philosopher ARISTOTLE.

The government of Alexandria consisted of a principal minister who advised the king, a financial minister, a chief justice, priests from various religious groups, and military and naval officers. These officials directed a large bureaucracy* to carry out the day-to-day business of the city. Alexandria had become an immensely wealthy city as a result of trade, which included exports of grain and other products from Egypt, spices from ARABIA, and other products from as far away as INDIA. Alexandrian merchants dominated most of the trade in the eastern Mediterranean region.

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