An Introduction to Client Server Computing by Chandra Yadav Subhash

By Chandra Yadav Subhash

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The virus may get activated upon the fulfilment of some specific conditions. Introduction to Client/Server Computing 34 The protection method is to scan for malicious data and program fragments that are transferred from the server to the client, and filter out data and programs known to be dangerous. 2 Threats to Server Threats to server may be of the following types: (i) Eavesdropping is the activity of silently listening to the data sent over the network. This often allows a hacker to make complete transcript of network activity and thus obtain sensitive information, such as password, data, and procedures for performing functions.

As competitive conditions change, so do the companies’ internal structure, thus triggering demands for information systems that reflect those changes. Client/Server tools such as Lotus Notes are designed exclusively to provide corporations with data and forms distribution, and work group support, without regard to geographical boundaries. These workgroup tools are used to route the forms and data to the appropriate end users and coordinate employee work. The existence and effective use of such tools allows companies to re-engineer their operational processes, effectively changing the way they do the business.

We should also make sure to select a pilot implementation that provides immediate and tangible benefits. For example, a system that takes two years to develop and another three to generate tangible benefits is not acceptable. (iv) Management Commitment Top to bottom commitment is essential when we are dealing with the introduction of new technologies that affect the entire organization. We also need managerial commitment to ensure that the necessary resources (people, hardware, software, money, infrastructure) will be available and dedicated to the system.

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