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Spatial soil ecology. Trends Ecol. Evolut. 17,177-183. , 1991. Functional classification of soil fauna: a new approach. Oikos 62,110-117. O. B. Kroonenberg, 1992. , Land use policy 1992, 155-168. , H. P. Eijsackers, 1983. Effect of earthworms on grassland on recently reclaimed polder soils in the Netherlands. E. ) Earthworm ecology: from Darwin to Vermiculture. Chapmann&Hall, London, 85-106. , 1997. Ecotoxicology, biodiversity and the species concept with special reference to springtails (Insecta: Collemabola).

In addition to the ones discussed earlier, these horizons include different eluviation and illuviation horizons as well as horizons indicative of permanent or temporary anoxia. Eluviation horizons have been preferentially leached of specific compounds, such as fine clay, or iron and aluminium (hydr)oxides. Illuviation horizons, which normally underlie eluviation horizons, have been enriched by materials such as clay, humus, salts or iron and aluminium oxides, leached from 34 N. van Breemen Figure 4.

PhD Thesis Wageningen. ISBN 90-9007450-3. M. H. Blom and H. Rogaar, 1992. Spatial variability of earthworm populations in a permanent polder grassland. Biol. Fertil. Soil. 14, 260-266. M. P. van Rijn, 1998. Ecotoxicological risk assessment of soil fauna recovery from pesticide application. Rev. Environ. Contam. , 154: 83-141. , 1999. Molecular biology: a linkage between microbial ecology, general ecology and organismal ecology. Oikos 85,177-189. , 1985. Coexistence of forest floor Collemabola. PhD thesis Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam.

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