Agricultural Applications of Petroleum Products (Advances in by Robert B. Killingsworth (Editor), G. W. Pearce (Editor)

By Robert B. Killingsworth (Editor), G. W. Pearce (Editor)

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Relation of Unsulfonated Residue to Phytotoxicity I n 1927 DeOng, Knight, and Chamberlin (3) showed that injury to citrus trees was associated with a high content of unsaturated hydrocarbons, that these toxic materials could be removed by sulfuric acid treatment, and that a high unsulfonated residue (92% or greater) indicated that a tree spray oil was nearly devoid of unsaturates and thus safe for use at recommended dosages. Since the general acceptance of this work, the per cent unsulfonated residue (1) has been the primary indicator of acceptable quality for petroleum products marketed as foliage sprays.

This is illustrated in Table I I I . I t is observed from the above data that the control (freshly refined oil) had an u n sulfonated residue of 9 7 % , indicating a nearly complete absence of unsaturates. This material, prior to light exposure for variable periods of time, gave no injury when applied at 100% concentration. However, after 141 days of storage i n brilliant light, 6 5 % of the leaf surface of plants sprayed to point of runoff showed acute toxicity. The unsulfonated residue remained unchanged.

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