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Let’s try all three options in that order: 3 A single footage item will be added to your project. Select it, and select File > New Comp From Selection (you can also drag it to the Create a New Composition button at the bottom of the Project panel). After Effects will create and open a comp that is the same size as your file, flattened to a full-frame single layer without access to the individual elements. 1 Select your Sources folder in the Project panel, and type Ci (Li) to import a file. Navigate to the Lesson 01 folder you copied from this book’s disc, open it, then open the 01_Sources folder inside that.

Delete what you’ve imported so far in this exercise. Repeat step 1 again, but this time in step 2 select Composition from the Import Kind dialog. The Layer Options will be grayed out, but Footage Dimensions will be active; again, we suggest you select the Layer Size option. ) Click OK. 7 You will now have two new items in the Project panel: a comp and a folder, both named Butterfly Arrangement. Double-click the comp to open it; you will see a stack of layers representing the individual layers in the Photoshop file.

41 Copying and pasting the Drop Shadow effect to the title results in a big, soft shadow, as its Scale value is larger than the flower photos. Reduce the title’s Distance and Softness until it looks appropriate compared with the other layers. Lesson 1 — B A S I C A N I M AT ION 30 ĭ Importing Layered Photoshop and Illustrator Files In this lesson, you learned how to build a composition from scratch in After Effects by importing sources, dragging them into a comp, arranging them to taste, and animating them.

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