Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 1 by David S. Touretzky (Editor)

By David S. Touretzky (Editor)

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Furthermore, he presses home the message that the use of modified Scuds in the Gulf War is a warning for the future that the threat of offensive actions will not deter dictators from firing ballistic missiles at their enemies and that it is important to develop defensive systems against these threats. In his response, such messages, along with references to the more general criteria of success that come lower down our list, outweigh detailed analysis of Patriot’s performance. 29 2 The naked launch: assigning blame for the Challenger explosion We always remember where we were when we first heard about a momentous event.

And if we didn’t have a primary seal in a worst case scenario, we had faith in the secondary. (Quoted in Vaughan, p. 105) Both engineering communities acknowledged that the joint did not work as per design, but they felt that it worked sufficiently well that it was an acceptable risk. e. the secondary would act as a backup). But they had rather different understandings of redundancy. NASA still believed there was a larger gap than Thiokol believed. NASA felt that there would be redundancy at initial ignition but not in the WOW (Worst on Worse) situation such as a primary O-ring failing late in ignition when the secondary O-ring might not be in position to seal.

Zracket, whose qualifications are given before the Congressional Committee, as ‘Scholar in Residence, Center for Science and International Affairs, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, and the past President and Chief Executive Officer of the Mitre Corporation’, states that ‘. . the uncertainty of determining Patriot’s actual shot-by-shot performance in the gulf war comes about from the lack of high speed, high resolution photography and digital data radar recordings of intercepts that could provide direct and valid scientific data’.

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