A Brief History of Ancient Astrology (Brief Histories of the by Roger Beck

By Roger Beck

A short background of old Astrology explores the idea and perform of astrology from Babylon to historic Greece and Rome and its cultural and political effect on historic societies.Discusses the union among early astrology and astronomy, unlike the trendy dichotomy among technological know-how and superstition.Explains the traditional realizing of the zodiac and its twelve symptoms, the seven planets, and the mounted circle of 'places' opposed to which the indicators and planets revolve.Demonstrates the best way to build and interpret a horoscope within the historical demeanour, utilizing unique old horoscopes and handbooks.Considers the relevance of old astrology at the present time.

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Quartile relates four points and a square has four sides, a diameter is a line connecting two opposed points: ‘‘even’’ predominates. Ergo trine and sextile good, opposition and quartile bad. Though you may not care for my ‘‘explanation,’’ I doubt if you will find Ptolemy’s (Tetr. 13) any more satisfactory: he offers you a choice between harmonics and combinations of signs of the same or of different gender. Implicit and explicit answers to these sorts of ‘‘why’’ questions can tell us much about the mind-set and world construction of ancient astrology.

Actually, it would be better to use the word ‘‘signify,’’ for there are obvious causal connections between clouds and rain and between smoke and fire which are not as readily apparent in the case of the things on earth and the things in the heavens. But you and your 38 structure and meaning in the horoscope, 1 astrologer at least agree that the stars in their courses signify something, whether or not they actually cause it. To determine what your horoscope indicates (another appropriate word), the astrologer does not just make an inspired guess; rather, he refers the elements of your horoscope to a semiotic system of relationships and meanings which in principle is both stable and public.

Rather, my concern is with horoscopic astrology as a system of signs, a language of sorts with its grammar and semantics. That indeed was precisely how St. 95). He worried not so much about what it meant as about the demonic speakers with whom one was ineluctably drawn into conversation merely by speaking it. But more of this in a later chapter. In the present chapter we are going to start looking at the structure and semantics of the language of genethlialogy, the rules by which meaning was generated from the astronomical configurations of a horoscope.

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