47 Echo by Shawn Kupfer

By Shawn Kupfer

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Nick was close enough to hear most of what they were saying. 舠GPS says the first marker舗s just over the hill,舡 Sayed said. 舡 舠I舗m picking up a weak signal. 舡 Neal said something Nick couldn舗t make out. Sayed motioned for the unit to follow him up the hill, then to drop down when they neared the top. Sayed, Neal, Christopher, Nick and two of Sayed舗s men all formed a line in the front. Sayed pulled out a pair of binoculars, and Neal followed suit. 舡 Sayed asked after a moment. 舡 Christopher pulled out his own pair of compact binoculars and looked through them.

Much better. Tent Echo, convict. 舡 It took a little effort, but Nick picked himself up from the dirt and headed off in the direction of the tents. There were five of them, and each had a large sheet of paper pinned to the front舒A, B, C, D and E. Nick had no actual military experience, but he wasn舗t an idiot舒he headed for the large, open tent labeled E, where he could see several people milling around inside. As he approached Tent E, a uniformed soldier held up one hand to stop him. Not wanting another rifle slammed into various parts of his anatomy, Nick stopped and let the soldier check his dog tags.

Christopher was driving the second van舒Neal made sure to keep Nick in the first, away from Sayed should the Captain wake up and want to shoot him. Nick was sitting next to the Mongolian cops in the van舗s third row. The two cops were still smiling widely and talking excitedly to each other in quick whispers. Nick tried to pick up what they were saying but found it tough, as he didn舗t speak Mongolian at all. Gabriel Martinez was in the seat in front of Nick and turned around to face him, grinning.

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