2010-2011 Honda Insight Service Manual by HONDA


Released by means of the manufacturing facility to supply help on troubleshooting numerous electric difficulties. This handbook is loaded with circuit schematics overlaying every one approach at the automobile.

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Do the 12 volt battery terminal disconnection procedure (see page 22-78). 2. Remove the air cleaner (see page 11-314). 3. Disconnect the positive starter cable (A) and the harness connector (B) f r o m the S terminal, then remove the heater hose bracket (C). I I BATTERY 7. 5 V, the starter is working properly. Specification Electric Current; 80 A or less 4. Remove the t w o bolts securing the starter, then remove the starter. 4-8 Starting System Starter Overhaul Exploded View INTERNAL G E A R UNIT 4-10 NOTE: Refer to the Exploded View if needed during this procedure.

2. When the ignition switch is ON (II) and the remaining engine oil life is 15 % to 6 %, the remaining engine oil life and other scheduled maintenance item(s) needing service are displayed. The Maintenance Minder message "SERVICE DUE S O O N " (A) also comes o n . To cancel the message, press the INFO button. The display continues to show the remaining engine oil life (B) and the message indicator (C) until it is reset. • Complete list of maintenance main items (D) (see page 3-8). • Complete list of maintenance sub items (E) (see page 3-9).

Connect the alternator, regulator, battery, and starter tester (OTC 3131) to the battery as shown. NOTE: The probe is not used for battery testing. Y E S - T h e starting system is OK. Go to step 17. NO-Go to step 9. 9. Turn the ignition switch to LOCK (0). 10. Check the electrical connections at the battery, the negative battery cable to the body, the engine ground cables, and the starter for looseness and corrosion. Then try cranking the engine again. Does the starter crank the engine normally?

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